Things which can occur if I am 65 or older and retired while having a group Medicare coverage plan from the former employer

A number of organizations are now providing a group insurance plan for their employees. It is mainly done keeping in mind a large number of accidents which are taking place in the workplace. This is resulting in providing a higher amount of financial safety to your employees by providing them with the insurance plan. Even it will help their families to have a group coverage plan for a longer run.

One should have a careful look at the plan which they are taking and the terms associated. This is required in many cases people take steps with their insurance which can’t be reverted. It makes them stuck with their decision even though they are not happy. To make sure that you don’t suffer due to such decisions, you should ensure that you are aware of the terms of the group insurance plan.

Coverage from a former employer and retired

At your workplace, there is likely chance that you get the insurance coverage from your former employer. When you get such group health plan coverage then your Medicare will be acting as the primary payer. In that case, your retiree plan will be taking the second place of taking over your medical cost coverage.

Even there are likely chances that your spouse plan might pay first and Medicare Advantage Plan pays second if some of the conditions are satisfied. This is possible while you are getting retired while your spouse is still working. It also includes the possibility that you are covered by your spouse’s group health plan coverage. Under these conditions, the plan of your spouse will be paying your coverage first and then your Medicare Advantage Plan will cover.

One should be aware of these terms to have a clear understanding of how Medicare works and how it will provide all the financial benefits to them. It will help you with the selection of the respective plan. Even it will help you to manage your financial budget so that you can be cautious while you are facing a healthcare issue.


Thus, we can say that when you are having the group coverage plan from your former employer then your Medicare will be acting as your primary payer. There are conditions when your Medicare is likely to pay second. One should have an idea about those conditions to know whom to approach for the payment of your healthcare bills.